Best Cholent Recipe Ever – Jewish Overnight Stew in a Dutch Oven
You can make this cholent recipe using other dishes, but the texture is by far the best in a dutch oven.
Seasoning (all measurements are approximate)
  1. Heat some olive oil in a pan. Add a whole onion, turning it every minute or so so that a new part is browning. When it begins to brown, add your meat, and sear it. Turn off your flame once your meat has been browned.
  2. Peel 5 medium sized yellow waxy potatoes (such as Green Giant Klondike Goldust or Yukon Gold) and cut in half or leave them whole.
  3. Cover your potatoes with water. Turn your flame back on and while it’s heating season your cholent, adding all the “seasoning” ingredients and giving it a stir. Bring to a boil, reduce to a simmer, and cook about half an hour or until your potatoes begin to soften but aren’t falling apart.
  4. Add your barley. Add water if necessary to cover your barley, plus an inch, and let it simmer uncovered until the barley is cooked (about half an hour). Add water if needed as it cooks.
  5. Make sure you have a thin later of water covering your cholent, and that the meat is totally submerged. Set it on your Shabbat hot plate to cook overnight.
Recipe Notes

If your dutch oven can’t handle frying, brown your meat and onion in a separate pan.

Don’t chunk your potatoes too small – they’ll melt into the cholent.

We set our hot plate on a timer so that it’s not on all that time. We shut it for 15 minutes every hour so that it stays hot enough to still be cooking.

Your cholent will be ready to eat after a few hours, but the flavor strengthens and the crust forms when you leave it on overnight.