Pasta Caprese Salad Recipe
Make this delicious, allergy-friendly and EASY pasta salad recipe! This Pasta Caprese Salad is easy to make with strictly Kosher ingredients too!
  1. Cook your pasta in salted water till al dente, drain, and rinse, and allow it to drain well. Add it to a large salad bowl. it doesn’t wilt.
  2. Cut olives and grape tomatoes in half the long way and add it to your salad. Cut the cheese sticks into chunks. Add it to your room temperature or colder pasta. Make sure not to add it to the pasta while it’s hot – you DON’T want it to melt. You want to bite into nice chunks of cheese!
  3. Mix together your dressing ingredients and add it to your salad. If you’re using fresh basil, add that right before you serve it so
Recipe Notes

Serves approximately eight. Doubles easily for a crowd. Serve chilled.

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