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Welcome to Jewish Moms & Crafters (formerly Beyond the Balagan), where Jewish mothers work on inspiring their families with everyday solutions!

A huge part of our mission is to help like-minded Jewish mothers create that joyous home filled with love for Judaism.

Our posts are designed to help provide solutions for families across the spectrum of Jewish living.

We hope you’ll stick around to see what we have to share with you!

Navigating the Chaos

Granted, we know that balancing the budget, the business, and the blessings of a rich Jewish lifestyle can make our heads spin. But when we look beyond the chaos, plan better, and forgive ourselves just a little, we’ll be able to build happy homes and inspire our families!

We believe in doing what we can to make life easier, while finding the solutions to make the seasons fun.

We believe in creating memories and experiences, while celebrating the blessings behind the mess.

We believe in sharing and collaborating while involving the children in the day-to-day decisions.

We believe in looking beyond the chaos to enrich our lives…

What you’ll find at Jewish Moms & Crafters:

We want to give you those resources that you can’t find elsewhere. We want to approach the lack of free resources for Jewish mothers and educators that are in line with our values.

That’s why we’ll be focusing on solving your problems throughout the year.

Some of the topics we plan to cover:

  • Entertainment and crafts for the kids
  • DIY and crafty solutions for moms
  • Printables for any need – and just for fun!
  • We love the chagim and want the kids to as well! Seasonal crafts and coloring pages are one way we accomplish that.
  • We hope to help you with some easy meal ideas and even menu plans to get through the holidays!
  • Doable Dishes that are affordable are our agenda!
  • Organizing a family  can be complicated – that’s why we plan to give you solutions tailored toward your life.
  • Between Kosher food, holidays, and private schooling, we know that your budget is TIGHT, which is why we hope to help you find places to save.

Want to see a specific topic covered? Comment below! We can’t promise everything, but sometimes our best inspiration comes from readers!

The family behind Jewish Moms & Crafters:

About Menucha:

Menucha is a creative family lifestyle blogger and spends most of her life running Moms & Crafters while juggling two active sons.

Menucha is a full-time creative for a while, but has been dreaming of an outlet to share her favorite holiday projects. This Jewish section is a passion project.

Menucha’s mini helpers:

A is the latest addition to our family, at one year old. She’s full of cheer but may just be slightly dramatic.

Y is a mischievous five year old with a sweet dimple and a sincere compliment for everyone. His hobbies include eating, making concerts, and making art. He has serious food allergies, so you may see some food allergy references on the blog.

M  is a bookish eight year old who loves bossing around his little brother, hates getting dirty, and has the most sensitive, compassionate soul. He’s more tinkery than crafty – give him scissors and he’ll dismantle everything in his path. Actually, he doesn’t need scissors for that. He does science experiments and assembles robots in his spare time.

Ready to roll with us? Start by following us on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe for updates below! And of course, comment below with what type of solutions you’re looking for!

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