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  1. I looked this up because I am a Christian and I wanted to see is Jewish people celebrate their holiday the same as us. I am confused about why we all give each other gift when God gave the gift of victory over their enemies and gave his gift to us as we believe. Shouldn’t we be giving gifts to Adoni.

    1. Hi Nancy, there are unique reasons that Jews give gifts on Hanukkah, mainly to incentivize the kids for Torah study, since that was threatened Hanukkah time. WE believe that any time we do a mitzvah we are giving “gifts” to God, and in Judaism, the things one does for one’s fellow man is just as much as things we do for Him. So if we give gifts with the correct intent, out of love for our children, or those we are giving to, we are in fact, serving G-d. Of course, we also light the Menorah to spread the news of the miracle that happened. Gift giving is a small part of Hanukkah, not a major component, and one that not everyone does on the same scale.

    2. @Menucha Citron Ceder,
      Loved these well thought out ideas. Thank you.
      I’m a Christian and we live on the same street as a lovely Jewish family. They have a 5 year old daughter and I wanted to give her a Hanukkah gift. We share many of the same stories from the old testament. Also I had a close friend when I was little from my girl scout troop who was Jewish as well. A found memory I have is when she got a pair of Rollerblades for Hanukkah and my mom gave me my big Christmas present early so we could play together. Let’s us love one another and respect one another. I hope you have a beautiful and meaningful celebration with the ones you hold dear.

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