Shabbos Menu Planner – Free Printable!

Want some help organizing your Shabbos menu? If you’ve already enjoyed some of our Shabbat recipes such as our Instant Pot Chicken Soup recipe, you’ll love this free printable menu planner to organize it all! Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.


Click to grab your FREE printable copy of this beautiful brush lettered Shabbat menu planner - perfect for Shabbos meal planning! You'll love this resource to make prepping for the Jewish sabbath easier! #shabbat #shabbos #jewishholidays


A few weeks ago, before Shabbos, I got into a bit of a mood. I didn’t feel like prepping just yet, so instead of doing what I was supposed to do, I sat on the couch with some brush lettering pens and made the Shabbos menu to beat all Shabbos menus.


And after I did it again another week because I had too much fun with it, I finally decided to share it with you as a free printable!


Shabbos menu


I took the best elements from each and made a one page spread that you can use for both your Shabbos menu and shopping list – or cut in half if you prefer to separate it!

You can print it below:




I also decided to create print versions of it for those of you who prefer not to print it fresh every week! I made two mini notepads – one for the menu, one for the shopping list, as well as a full-page side-by-side version just like the printable! These make amazing hostess gifts for when you’re going away for Shabbos!

I also created whiteboard versions of both the Shabbat menu planner as well as the shopping list (which of course also make great hostess gifts).





As you plan your menu, I hope you include my best cholent recipe ever that I shared a few weeks ago! We have lots of delicious Shabbos dishes for you to try – all really simple. Rochel has also shared right here on Beyond the Balagan a handy Erev Shabbos Checklist as well as menu planners for the assorted Jewish holidays.



My favorite tip for making Shabbos prep a bit easier is to allow yourself to do crazy things like sitting and brush lettering your menu, or whatever it is that makes YOU feel better and calmer. It’s more important to have a calm home erev Shabbos than to have a sparkling spotless one at the expense of your sanity, don’t you agree?


What’s on your Shabbos menu this week? What are your best tips for planning your Shabbat meals? Comment below!


Shabbat menu planner and shopping list free printable Shabbat menu



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