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  1. Hi Menucha!
    Using LOTS of bones (mostly poultry, can use some beef and a small amount of cider vinegar- don’t worry, you won’t taste it!!) adds flavour and nutrients. Celery does add flavour. Using onion, garlic and whole peppercorns imparts a deeper flavour than powdered or ground.
    For clear soup, all herbs should be in soup bags ( tight knit, or layered mesh bags,) and the soup itself should be strained. Hawaj imparts a spectacular flavour but I suggest you try it first in a bowl or two before you season your entire pot. Another veggie to consider using is celery root!
    When making my soup, after water, the main ingredient is bones, carrots and onions. I cook for 12+ hours on a low simmer. Once cooled enough to handle I separate the liquid then strain it through a fine-mesh strainer and place in containers to be frozen and used as needed. At some point the fat is skimmed off the top. Each week I cook up a few chicken thighs for chicken meat as well as a fresh batch of soup veggies that my family likes ( tiny onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini and sometimes celery) and serve that separately. I serve bowls of clear broth and the add-ins get put in at the table.

    1. They are made by a few Kosher companies and available in the freezer aisle of some groceries. You can also make them yourself or use fresh versions of the same. Google how to freeze crushed garlic and herbs.

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