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  1. Thanks for your wonderful posts!

    Is this allowed on Shabbos?
    >>>I have my timer set to turn off for 15 minutes every hour so it doesn’t overheat.

    1. @Question,
      I found this page while looking for a new one- my old one broke!
      I have this same exact question!
      I need to ask my rabbi if I am allowed to have a clock turn on a cooking source on Shabbat that I will then use.
      Lights are different from cooking, from what I have been told.
      I believe that the cooking source must be left on from before Shabbat.
      One can have the timer set to go off after the food is needed though, that is fine.
      (if you usually finish the meal at 2 pm – you can set the timer to go off at 2 – or anytime after you are usually finished serving the hot food)

  2. Just thought I’d let you know that you can use parchment paper on your hotplate, to keep it clean.

  3. My hotmat failed 3 months after I bought it. No answer at service phone number.
    Electrician said it needs parts that are unique .
    In Israel avoid.

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