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Modern Seder Plates – 30+ Unique Ke’arahs

Modern Seder Plates – 30+ Unique Ke’arahs

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Looking for cool modern seder plates that fit your budget – big or small? This list includes over thirty options, mostly from artisans, that will truly enhance your seder table. This post contains affiliate links.

When we made our first Passover in 2020, we simply used a plate from the simple white set we managed to order from Walmart. However, there’s nothing like having the centerpiece of your seder be just that – a showstopping centerpiece. And since you’ll be using it year after yearas a functional focal pioint of the holiday, it’s worth choosing one deserving of that status.

Modern seder plates also make fantastic hostess gifts and a great present for your spouse to celebrate the holiday as we are commanded to: with joy.

The modern seder plates listed below were gathered from various artisans and incorporate different materials. They include higher end and lower end options, with the last section – the precious metal one – being the most upscale. I love modern seder plates that are minimalist and geometric, but some of these also have cool design aspects to them. My main goal here was to collect those that are a break from the purely traditional or at least are less fussy.

And while some have mixed materials, I tried putting them in the most prevalent section or in the one where the material is the bowl portion.

I hope I’ve helped you find a modern seder plate and that at the very least you enjoy browsing this list!

Ceramic, Porcelain, and Natural Materials

While ceramic can sometimes lean more rustic, you can still get a beautiful modern, and most of all, unique look with natural materials.

  1. Flower Seder Plate by West Elm – Passover is also called Chag Ha’aviv – the Festival of Spring. This floral seder plate brings that to life with beautiful patterns in spring colors and a floral shape.
  2. Ceramic Passover Seder Plate by Adriana Fallas – The warm tones and textures of this ceramic seder plate fuse natural textures with a minimalist modern silhouette. It’s charming but still unfussy, allowing it to retain that modern touch.
  3. Teardrop Pottery Seder Plate by Nora Pottery Art – Crisp colors and “asymmetrical symmetry” combine for a minimalist look that’s full of character.
  4. Natural Olivewood Seder Plate – Pay homage to one of the seven species of Israel with a live edge olive wood seder plate that’s brimming with charm
  5. Two Piece Mineral Seder Plate by Graciela Noemi – Play around with the shape and rearrange this two-piece seder plate that will definitely be a conversation starter! Textured white complete with black bowls give sharp contrast that’s undeniably modern.
  6. Geo Wood and Alloy Seder Plate by Nambe – Richa acacia wood contrasts with polished metal alloy for a contrast that’s sharp. The silhouette is geometric for a bit of a mid-century modern touch.
  7. Hand Painted Ceramic Seder Plate – Clean white ceramic is hand-painted with traditional letters, which retains its modernity with its minimalism. It’s a low-risk piece that can be matched with any tablescape.
  8. Modern Minimalist Elegant Seder Plate by Studio Armadillo – This incredible seder plate is actually made of corian, which is a synthetic marble. Its incredibly unique design is still understated and simply stunning.

Modern Seder Plates made from Aluminum

Aluminum is a lightweight material that allows for a sturdier, more determined piece without the weight – or the price. It’s a more recent favorite among Israeli Judaica designers and so there were endless options for modern seder plates made from aluminum. I chose some of my favorites to include here.

  1. Aluminum and Gold Laser Cut Seder Plate by Agayof – I love the two tone metals on this simple seder plate, as it allows or more flexibility with the table settings. The laser cut text on the border reminds you the purpose of the Seder: to remember the exodus.
  2. Aluminum Hammered Seder Plate – Hammered metals are my favorite, and the price on this one makes it an all-around win!
  3. Square Geometric Seder Plate with Colored Bowls by Nadav Art Judaica – One of the coolest features of aluminum is the beautiful colored designs it comes in. This geometric seder plate is a standout piece with splashes of color.
  4. Hammered Aluminium Seder Plate by Golyan – Another affordable hammered aluminum seder plate, this one is a bit elevated, with enameled bowls adding a bit more of a feature.
  5. Paint Palette Inspired Seder Plate by Nadav Art Judaica – Not only is this paint palette shaped Seder plate so unique, it also has a spot for a Kiddush cup – and it’s got glass bowl inserts too! If you want to blend design with function, this one is a score!
  6. Modern Minimalist Design Seder Plate by Studio Armadillo – Minimalism is a hallmark of modern design, and this origami-inspired plate is made from a single sheet of aluminum! No bowls needed! The areas for the food are marked off by raised cutouts and the small text allows for plenty of white space that makes this a clean and gorgeous centerpiece.
  7. Silver Anodized Aluminum Seder Plate by Yair Emanuel – A super cool contrast in textures, this seder plate is simple and unmarked. Since it’s not labeled, it can be used the rest of the holiday for dips.
  8. Brass Branch to Freedom Seder Plate – Another versatile piece, this one is fantastic for those who want height in their seder plate without paying the price! The brass colored branch is full of texture and removable bowls can be reused for dips after the seder.

Stainless and Brass Seder Plates

You’re used to using stainless steel in your tableware, so it’s a natural option for quality but affordable seder plates! These modern seder plates include some by famous designers – but all of them will truly adorn the seder table. Add brass to the mix and you have an upscale option at a variety of price points.

  1. Four Tier Seder Plate with Matzah Levels by Joy Stember – My absolute favorite on this list, this seder plate is a study in texture. A minimalist base features tiers for your matzahs (I am not sure if it will work for round matzahs). The bowls are embossed with the words of the correct food.
  2. Spectacular Hors D’oeuvres Seder Plate by Alessi – A six section circular dish, this one can definitely be repurposed as a serving dish after the seder. This is a gorgeous piece that’s sculptural and totally minimalist, without compromising on personality.
  3. Molten Six Compartment Seder Plate by Michael Aram – Michael Aram is a favorite designer and his molten collection is among the more minimalist. This one features a delicate beaded border in a simple and slightly non-traditional oval shape.
  4. White Marble with Gold Trim Seder Plate – A marble base edged with gold gives geode vibes and this one keeps things modern by keeping the detail to a minimum. Stainless bowls make it more practical and gold trim blend the two parts into one statment piece.
  5. Tree Of Life Seder Plate by Michael Aram – This glossy seder plate will simply wow. It’s sleek and almost obvious – but then a “tree of life” sits in the center simply to beautify your holiday table.
  6. Aleph-Bet Seder Plate by Nambe – Instead of bowls, you have grooves in the shape of the letter that stands for the correct food. Another incredibly creative modern seder plate, this one will definitely generate discussion!
  7. Palm Branch with Antiqued Gold-Tone Seder Plate by Michael Aram – Palm branches are symbolic of anoher of the seven species: the date palm. Again, superior craftsmanship makes this unique without being fussy. It has a touch of glam without being too showy.
  8. Handcrafted Tree Branch Seder Plate – Also cool as an appetizer tray, hand-painted leaves add just the right touch of color.

Modern Seder Plates from Glass and Acrylic

Glass is easy to clean and maintain and can take on a beautiful modern look. Add an extra twist and you have something truly spectacular that is far from boring yet clean and current.

  1. Colored and Unique Glass Seder Plate by Devarim Yafimo – While color often contradicts that sleek modern look, this clay and glass seder plate retains it by only coloring the bowls.
  2. Modern Hexagonal Shape Seder Plate – Uniquely minimalist, this modern seder plate has space for matzah in the glass center. The outer bowls frame the glass with one bowl on each side of the hexagon. It’s a contrast in rustic texture and sleek glass.
  3. Magnificent Lucite Seder Plate by Under the Vase – Lucite is a favorite for modern glam decor enthusiasts and this simple design allows for the depth and texture to really showcase.
  4. Elegant Clear Glass Seder Plate by Riverside Studio – Who even needs bowls? A simple glass plate with engraved letters has just the right amount of character provided by the classy cobalt blue legs. And it’s so budget-friendly!
  5. Handcrafted Gold Decor Glass Seder Plate by Badash – Get the look of textured metal in a simple glass affordable seder plate.
  6. Gold Tambourine Seder Plate – Tambourines are a symbol of the role Miriam played in leading the Jewish women in songs of gratitude after the splitting of the sea. This modern glass seder plate plays that up with intentional asymmetry in a beautiful piece with a touch of glam.
  7. Designer Rectangular Seder Plate with Glass Cups – Rectangular silhouettes are so thoroughly modern and this one makes the most of that for a seder plate that’ll be as easy to store as it is festive.
  8. Smoked Glass and Pewter Plated Flower Seder Plate by Quest Collection – Unique floral pewter bowls contrast with the glass background for something completely different.

Sterling Silver and other Precious Metals

Looking for a lifelong investment in your holiday table? It’s surprisingly difficult to find modern designs in precious metals – many of them are very fussy and traditional. But I looked and found a few great options for you to select from!

  1. Engraved Seder Plate – While highly detailed, because of its engraved nature, this seder plate would definitely make it to my table. It’s not purely modern but it’s relatively affordable and not overstated.
  2. Floral Colorful Seder Plate with Three Layers for Matzah by Bier Judaica – An incredible statement piece, this artisan silver seder plate includes matzah storage and just the right amount color peeking through the floral detail for a truly modern seder plate.
  3. Nisan Seder Plate with Silver Goblet by Avi Nadav – Three round tiers for matzah elevate a gorgeous minimalist seder plate that looks as rich as we attempt to feel on Passover. The trays are made of gold tone aluminum while the seder plate is silver. It includes a goblet for an all-in-one seder kit.
  4. Seder Plate with Exodus from Egypt Artwork around the Rim by Bier Judaica – Cast silver images of the exodus surround this plate, so you truly remember the purpose of the evening. It’s contrasted by the sharply simple center that keeps things clean, while the legs elevate it just a bit.
  5. Seder Plate with Hammered Finishing Legs and Cut-Out Design by Nadav Art Judaica

Got any favorite modern seder plates to add to the list? Comment below!

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