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Passover Coloring Page for Adults – free printable

Passover Coloring Page for Adults – free printable

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While I was creating the resources and coloring pages for our Pesach Bundle, I created this Passover coloring page for adults on a whim. Since the activities in our bundle were focused more on kids, I decided to offer this one as a free printable! Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.

If you’re looking for kids coloring pages for Passover, you’ll find them in our Pesach Bundle, or right here.

Click to download a free printable Passover coloring page for adults - a splitting the sea mandala! This fun passover craft is a great pesach project for teens too!

While you’re frantically trying to prep for Pesach, you might be wondering why you’d even want a coloring page for yourself? I mean who has the time?

I actually tend to color during the most hectic times for a simple reason: It’s an easy craft to stop.

Crafting is my down time, and when things are hectic I still need it. But I can’t afford to drop everything and craft.

With adult coloring, I can simply grab my clipboard, fill it with the right coloring tools, and keep it handy while I color a little. It’s mess-free, and easy to pick up and do in those little snippets of coffee-break time.

I designed this coloring page in a mandala style, and then broke from the circular pattern to illustrate some people walking through the sea. It’s really a symbolic Passover coloring page, representative of the splitting of the sea.

It features dolphins, fish, jellyfish and waves, coral and bubbles for a fun sea-inspired touch.

You have the people walking through – women, men, and kids.

I started coloring it and haven’t finished yet but figured I’d share it as I colored it so far.

I used Prismacolor Premier colored pencils to do this. They are one of my favorites for adult coloring pages because their soft core makes them easy to layer and blend.

Download your free printable Passover coloring page for adults below:

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I hope you enjoy your Passover coloring page! Comment below: do you usually take recreation time in the days before Pesach, or are things simply too hectic?

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חוה רוזנטל

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Thanks for all your great ideas - really helpful!

Menucha Citron Ceder

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

You're very welcome - enjoy!