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    1. It should convert well to muffin tins, just be careful not to overbake as the muffin tin tends to give it a nice bottom crust before the top browns. Look for browning around the edges instead of a thoroughly browned top. You do miss out a bit on the creamy, soft inside. It’s not going to be cakey like a muffin.

  1. This looks so good!!
    I have guests coming that don’t usually eat out on Pesach so I can’t use my oven. I’d love to make this for them in place of yet another potato kugel.
    Do you think the kugel would work in a (new) crock pot?

  2. I made this yesterday as a trial run for Passover. It tastes great! However, it’s pretty flat, about 3/4 inch deep. So what did I do wrong? Pan too big? Not enough veggies? I added one TBSP of potato starch after reading the comments, just to bind it, but that doesn’t seem to have caused a problem. Suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    1. Vegetables really vary in size, it’s possible that yours leaned on the smaller side of things. You can either put it in a smaller pan next time, or add more vegetables. It’s a pretty forgiving recipe.

  3. Great recipe! I just made a half recipe last night for Pesach; will make a double recipe for my synagogue’s seder! Yum. Good for vegetarians (not vegans) and gluten-free also! Easy to put together with the food processor. Thanks!!!

  4. thanks for sharing this recipe. It was delicious. Lots of veggies but you wouldn’t guess it. So simple. It reminded us a little of hash browns and an omelette mixed together. The hardest part was squeezing the veggies dry. You wouldn’t guess it was held together by just eggs. Loved that it was gluten and dairy free.

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