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13 Indoor Activities for Kids to Encourage Movement

13 Indoor Activities for Kids to Encourage Movement

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Getting kids to be active should be simple. But when it’s 7 degrees (Farenheit) outside, and inside is the draw of screen time, what’s a kid to do? When my doctor recommended that one of my children could use a bit more movement, I set out to compile a list of fun indoor activities for kids. Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.


Indoor Activities for Kids


This list of indoor activities for kids is not your typical list of screen-free things to do, like play with kinetic sand or bake cookies. While craft ideas for children are super popular, I wanted something a little different. This list is aimed at getting kids to move more, even if they’re stuck indoors.


Kids generally have a lot of energy, and being cooped up inside is fun for nobody- not your kids and most certainly not you! These exciting things to do inside will definitely help you deal with excess energy and boredom.



13 Indoor Activities for Kids


1. Scavenger Hunt

For a super fun activity, set up a scavenger hunt. You can gear it to any age, younger kids (draw pictures for clues) or older kids and teens! For maximum physical activity, plan the route with clues that lead them the furthest distances in between each clue, all over the house.


2. Dance!

Probably one of my favorite things to do with my kids is to turn up the music and dance. It’s an excellent mood booster and gets everyone’s blood pumping!


3. Dance Party for One

When no one else is around to dance with your little ones, or you have other things to take care of, set up this awesome dance matThis is a great way to get your kids moving and having fun indoors!



4. Twister

Who doesn’t love this classic game of bending yourself into knots? I especially love this game because it’s the perfect way to keep busy on a Shabbos afternoon.


5. The Floor is Lava

You can use props around your house for this one or make it easy with this version of this super popular game. It’s a sure way to have the kids jumping all over the place. (And then they get to clean up afterward!)


6. Stepping Stones

These fun stepping stones are designed to get your child to move and jump and play, while using their imagination. You can use these for The Floor is Lava too!




7. Mini Trampoline

A mini trampoline is great to keep indoors for both little kids and big kids to get a good daily workout.


8. Jump Rope

Good ol’ fashioned jump rope is another awesome activity (in the basement!) for your kids. One kid alone can challenge himself to beat his own record, or a few kids can play together.


9. Yoga Activity Blocks

I love that this indoor activity is a little different than the others. It’s a great way to promote balance, focus and of course, movement. There are so many options for various poses that your kids will remain occupied for a while!


10. Ninja Warrior

For the really adventurous, why not set up a Ninja Warrior style course in your playroom for your kids to climb? There are some great ideas on Pinterest for you to check out.


11. Hopscotch Mat

If your kids love making a Hopscotch course with chalk outdoors in the summer, they’ll love this indoor version! You can also make your own with painters’ tape.


12. Indoor Jungle Gym

These tumbling toys are perfect for toddlers and young children. Your kids will love climbing on them, over them and all around!




13. Pogo Jumper

This is another indoor activity that’s probably best relegated to the basement, but it sure is fun for kids. They learn how to balance themselves and get great movement while doing so.



How do you keep your children busy indoors while promoting movement? Comment below!


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