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Chanukah Puppets Coloring Pages

Chanukah Puppets Coloring Pages

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Have some Chanukah fun with these free printable Chanukah puppets coloring pages! Our purim puppets and Pesach puppets are our most popular downloads of all time, so we figured we might as well follow up with a Chanukah set, right? Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.

Click to download your free prinable Chanukah puppets coloring pages for Hanukkah! This fun Hannukah paper craft for kids is also a great teaching tools for the Jewish holidays.

When it comes to Chanukah planning, I love getting creative. Because it’s the one holiday where we’re not up to our neck in meals, cooking, etc (for the most part), there’s more time and energy for just having fun with it.

These Chanukah puppets are perfect for entertaining the kids during Chanukah vacation, for putting out as an inexpensive activity at a family Chanukah party, or for using as a teaching tool.

They are fun to color and really easy to assemble.

The shapes on these Chanukah puppets are slightly more complicated than I usually aim for, but younger children can really just cut out a rough outline –  it serves the same purpose.

Sometimes, when I’m illustrating a craft like this, I get a little out of control… hence the elaborately colored puppets above. I made two sets of puppets: one featuring Chanukah favorites and traditions – the one being offered as a free printable here. I also made another set featuring the main characters of the Chanukah story. I decided to offer the first set for free and the whole bundle in my Etsy shop here. The whole bundle includes these puppets too, as well as the character puppets. I also created an educational guide – that’s colorable as well – to go with the upgraded package.

And, as is my tradition, since I anyway got ahead of myself coloring these, I rescanned the colored versions for those of you who want to make it as a paper toy for Chanukah rather than a kids’ activity. The colored version also is a great teaching tool. You can get the printable for the colored version of the Chanukah traditions puppets (the ones pictured in this post) in my Etsy shop as well.

Tip: The colored puppets make a really inexpensive Chanukah gift for your kids! They’re quick and easy to assemble, and you can purchase one package and print multiple copies if you have a few kids, making it on par with (but much cooler than) a dollar store tchachke!

Download your free printable Chanukah Puppets coloring pages below:

What you need to assemble your free printable Chanukah Puppets:

  • The puppets, printed on cardstock so that it should hold stiff. If you can’t print on cardstock, print on regular paper and back it to thicker paper using a glue stick.
  • Markers, crayons, etc. I colored using Prismacolor Premier alcohol markers with a brush tip – great for grownups who want to color it professionally. For kids, use the usual.
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Scissors and optional craft knife
  • Glue

How to assemble your Chanukah puppets:

1. Color in your puppets.

2.  Cut them out.

3. If you’d like, use a craft knife to get out any center parts.

4. Glue crafts sticks to the back, about 1.5 inches up.

5. Allow them to dry completely and tell your Chanukah plans, discuss the traditions, using these fun puppets! You can see that on the donut-latke duo I put two craft sticks.

What will you be using these Chanukah puppets for? Comment below!

Share the Love!


Sunday 28th of November 2021

We don't know how many 3 to 8 years old will come to our temple party next Sunday but I thought the dreidle and menorah puppets would be perfect. ty.


Wednesday 9th of December 2020

Lovely. Puppets. Shame there is no link to the free printables.

Menucha Citron Ceder

Thursday 10th of December 2020

Hi Esther. The free download is embedded in the post and is working. If it's not showing, you can access it here: Just put $0 in the price field and it won't ask for payment info