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Shavuot Coloring Puppets – Megillat Ruth Stick Puppets Craft

Shavuot Coloring Puppets – Megillat Ruth Stick Puppets Craft

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I hope you enjoy these Shavuot coloring puppets as much as you enjoyed my Pesach puppets and Purim puppets! This post contains affiliate links.


Click to download free printable shavuot coloring puppets! These fun Ruth and Naomi stick puppets are great for teaching about the Book of Ruth and the holiday of Shavuos.


One of the big challenges I face as a Jewish blogger is Shavuot content. It’s so close to Pesach, yet Pesach time we’re just so immersed in that. So it’s hard to plan in advance, create good content to have ready on time.

I tried to get these Shavuot coloring puppets out sooner, but couldn’t for that reason I didn’t color a sample in this batch (and don’t yet have a full-color version available).




Regardless, I hope you enjoy this batch of fun Jewish puppets for you or your kids to color and craft! Yep, I did say you or your kids. I love coloring puppets in with art markers and then assembling them as a fun paper toy for my kids. But they also make a great Shavuos craft for kids.



I created nine puppets in this batch. I decided to offer the main characters – Ruth and Naomi – the Jewish female heroines of this story for free. In addition, since Shavuot is a celebration of the life of King David as well, I added him to the mix. He is also the great-grandson of Ruth and Boaz.


I created a full bundle including all the characters from the Shavuot story which I sell as a printable in my Etsy shop. It includes 9 puppets total:

  • Naomi
  • Ruth – a poor and princess version. You can glue these back-to-back or just make two puppets.
  • Orpah
  • Elimelech
  • Mahlon and Chillion (Naomi and Elimelech’s sons who married Ruth and Orpah)
  • Boaz
  • King David

Both the free and full versions are labeled with each character so you know who’s who. The full version has an instruction sheet with story outline.

The only character not featured is “Ploni Almoni” because he is literally anonymous. If you want to include that aspect, you can reuse either Elimelech, Mahlon or Chillion since they’re all long gone by then.




Download your free printable Shavuot coloring puppets below:

To get it for free simply enter $0 in the price field. Donations are welcome but totally optional and help us with running costs. If you’re having trouble email us at beyondthebalagan at gmail dot com. Click here if the form isn’t loading.

For personal or classroom use only.



Get the full bundle below:

Want all 9 puppets + the guides? Get the full bundle here!



How to assemble the puppets:

  1. Print on card stock (or regular paper – and back on card stock afterwards)
  2. Color

  1. Cut out (for younger kids, grown-ups can help. General outline can be cut out instead of every detail).
  2. Glue onto craft sticks.
  3. Tell the story of the Book of Ruth (megillat Rut)


I hope you enjoyed these Shavuot coloring puppets!


Share the Love!


Wednesday 27th of May 2020

Love this blog.!!! Thanks. !!

Beth Rose

Thursday 27th of June 2019

Wonderful, and thank you for helping with sharing these ageless stories


Tuesday 11th of June 2019

These are so cute! Wish I would've seen these before Shavuos... will have to bookmark for next year!

Menucha Citron Ceder

Friday 9th of August 2019

Thank you Shaindy! Hard to get these out with enough time ;)