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  1. there are so many ads, that it’s hard to follow the directions, etc. Also, it seems one has to request an email, to get the template, which I have already done, twice. Couldn’t you make a direct link and a PRINT option for the directions?

    1. Hi,
      This is ad-supported, which is how I can take the time to make it free. You can explore my etsy shop ( for ad-free printables 😉 If you put in your email it should have arrived – email me at for the template if you still don’t see it. It also may have landed in your spam folder so you can check there. I do sometimes do that for regular crafts, however, I’ve found that people confuse that with the template when it’s a craft with a template. I can try and get it added but it might take a couple of weeks.

    2. @Lisa, I was having the same problem [not receiving the response email with the files], but after doing some research I have found that several email providers automatically block emails that have .zip file attachments [this happened to me with my aol and at&t email accounts]. When I have the emailsent to my gmail account everything worked, and the zip file came through. You might try seeing if this works for you.

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