Make a beautiful DIY clay mezuzah craft for adults with a stunning brushed metal finish that makes it looks like magnificent art judaica! You'll love this easy foolproof Jewish craft for adults or teens - it's trendy, modern, and so simple!

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  1. Have just come across you post. I live in Australia and I am looking for Paper cutting dies for a die cutting machine eg Big Shot. What I want is a supplier that sell Jewish Words that are in English eg. Mazel Tov, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Rosh Hashana, well over the fast, Pesach. If any one in the Jewish world can help I will be so happy Thank you.

  2. Hi,
    I just discovered your website; and it seems like a treasure trove of great ideas!
    Do you know if there are any jewish crafter’s forum’s out there? (I would like to start giving workshops for seniors-primarily glasses chains-and I need some practical tips) any ideas?

    1. Hi Nechama, Are you on Facebook? There is a fabulous group called “Sew Frum – Jewish Crafters & Artists” that can be a huge resource for you.
      My advice would be, if you’re dealing with a demographic that may be losing dexterity, offer materials – beads, strings – that are easy to use. Glass beads with larger holes and stiffer strings with plenty of leeway (not a tight fit) to avoid frustration.

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