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Jewish Crafts for Adults

Jewish Crafts for Adults

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If you’re looking for the ultimate list of Jewish crafts for adults, you are in the right place! We’ve been sharing some ideas here on Beyond the Balagan for over a year (including some fun recipes such as our delicious dutch oven cholent recipe) so it’s time for a list of our favorites. Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links.


If you're looking for some cool Jewish crafts for adults, this list has everything you need - from DIY juidaica, to things Jewish moms can make for their kids, Jewish home decor, and Jewish holiday crafts...


While Jewish food blogs are available in droves (and yes, we even share food ideas here occasionally…) craft blogs can be harder to find – especially those that share Jewish crafts for adults.

We get it.

Jewish life revolves around food.

Between Shabbat every week and many long holidays, the mitzvah of hachnasat orchim – inviting guests, we cook a lot and need refreshers.


But every once in a while mama needs an outlet too, and as a frum crafty mom, I wanted Beyond the Balagan to provide that much-needed resource.



Why I love sharing Jewish crafts for adults:



How many people have told me “but I can’t craft, I don’t have the time, I’m not creative…”?! I don’t believe it – not because I think everyone is gifted with a crafty or artistic sense, but I do believe that anyone can enjoy crafting – the same way I occasionally get into cooking.

And for once, it’s nice to have a physical product of our efforts that doesn’t get devoured by the hungry troops real quickly.

The thing is that some people do better with instructions. Some people need to find those “fail proof” tutorials, those templates that make a craft project more doable.


For that reason, I love sharing craft tutorials both here and on Moms & Crafters.



Since me and Rochel started Beyond the Balagan, I’ve been sharing most of my Jewish crafts for Adults on this blog, even taking some off Moms & Crafters, but I’ve listed ideas from both blogs below. I’ve also listed Jewish crafts for adults from some of my favorite Jewish bloggers.


So enjoy, and remember – all image copyrights belong to the original blogger for that craft. So if you do share this post, please be respectful of the hard work each creator puts in (it takes so many more hours than you might think to run a blog) and share one of two ways:

  1. Share the link to this blog post using one of the collage images. -or-
  2. Click through and share the individual craft project that you fell in love with.

And if you do try these Jewish crafts for adults and love them, do let us know – we love seeing what you make!




Jewish Crafts for Adults to make year-round:



1. Shabbat Candle Lighting Sign by Beyond the Balagan

Shabbat Candle-Lighting Times SIgn



2. Faux Brushed Metal DIY Mezuzahs by Beyond the Balagan

Make a beautiful DIY clay mezuzah craft for adults with a stunning brushed metal finish that makes it looks like magnificent art judaica! You'll love this easy foolproof Jewish craft for adults or teens - it's trendy, modern, and so simple!


3. DIY Napkin Rings for Shabbos by Beyond the Balagan



4. DIY Tzedakah Boxes by Chai & Home



5. Pomegranate Faux Stained Glass Wall Art by Beyond the Balagan

Make stained glass pomegranate wall art as a cool DIY sukkah decoration idea for teens or adults - this beautiful Judaica wall art idea is water resistant making it perfect for outdoors! You can use it for Sukkot or Sukkos, and then bring it indoors and hang it in your home year-round.



6.  Star of David Wall Hangings by Creative Jewish Mom



Crafts for Jewish Moms to make for their kids:


7. Aleph-Bet Magnets by Beyond the Balagan



8. LEGO Kippah by Beyond the Balagan



9. Initial Applique Kippah by Beyond the Balagan

Make this adorable kippah inital applique with your son's Hebrew letter initial - a cool way to design your own kippah and an awesome DIY yarmulke idea!



10. DIY Sensory Hagaddah by Moms & Crafters


11. DIY Purim Play Set by Beyond the Balagan

This adorable felt purim toy is easy to make yourself! Includes DIY pretend hamantashen and more, perfect craft for the Jewish holiday of Purim. #purim #hamantashen #diytoy


12. DIY Kippah Stacker by Beyond the Balagan

This cool and easy kippah storage solution will help you organize yarmulkes and access them as well!


13. DIY Tzedakah Pouch by Beyond the Balagan


14. PEZuzah by Bible Belt Balabusta



Jewish Crafts for Adults to make for holidays:


15. Kos Shel Eliyahu (Elijah’s Cup) for Pesach by Beyond the Balagan


16. Hanukkah Origami Garland by Moms & Crafters

Jewish crafts for adults to make


17. Felt Flowers for Shavuot by Beyond the Balagan


18. DIY Menorahs by Moms & Crafters


19. Jewish Adult Coloring Pages by Beyond the Balagan

Download this free printable shabbat coloring page for adults big kids or teens! TAke a break from your shabbos preparation and relax a little! #shabbat #shabbos #Jewish #judaism


20. How to Make a Dreidel Out of Clay by Moms & Crafters


21. Hanukkah Stained Glass Templates by Moms & Crafters


22. DIY Seder Plate by Moms & Crafters



What are your favorite Jewish crafts for adults? Comment below!


Share the Love!


Sunday 5th of February 2023

Hi, I just discovered your website; and it seems like a treasure trove of great ideas! Do you know if there are any jewish crafter's forum's out there? (I would like to start giving workshops for seniors-primarily glasses chains-and I need some practical tips) any ideas? Thanks!

Menucha Citron Ceder

Monday 6th of February 2023

Hi Nechama, Are you on Facebook? There is a fabulous group called "Sew Frum - Jewish Crafters & Artists" that can be a huge resource for you. My advice would be, if you're dealing with a demographic that may be losing dexterity, offer materials - beads, strings - that are easy to use. Glass beads with larger holes and stiffer strings with plenty of leeway (not a tight fit) to avoid frustration.

Dianne Samuel

Sunday 6th of December 2020

Have just come across you post. I live in Australia and I am looking for Paper cutting dies for a die cutting machine eg Big Shot. What I want is a supplier that sell Jewish Words that are in English eg. Mazel Tov, Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Rosh Hashana, well over the fast, Pesach. If any one in the Jewish world can help I will be so happy Thank you.