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Shavuot Coloring Page – Free Printable Torah to color!

Shavuot Coloring Page – Free Printable Torah to color!

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Download and print this adorable Shavuot coloring page for free – featuring a beautiful Sefer Torah complete with an elaborate Torah crown! It’s perfect for adults to color, or give this to your kids while you make a pretty silk flower centerpiece instead. Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.

This beautiful free printable shavuot coloring page is so much fun to color! This Jewish holiday coloring page features a Torah with a silver (or gold -you can make it up!) crown. It's great for Shavuos, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah too! #shavuot

There’s nothing like taking a break after a busy night prepping for the chag and this Shavuot coloring page is the perfect way to do it!

Or, use it as a tool to catch a coffee break by handing it to your kiddos to color.

Whether you are using this for yourself or your kids, doing fun things like this can add a bit of spice and joy to your holidays. It might seem superfluous (I’m busy cooking anyway, it’s not like they can color it ON yom tov!) but in reality, anything enjoyable done in relation to the chag creates a memorable experience.

Download your free printable Shavuot coloring page for adults and big kids!

How I colored this Shavuot coloring page:

I used good old gel pens to color this! Yep, I’m talking about a cheap, basic set – nothing fancy!!

I like using gel pens for coloring pages that can use a little sparkle. It takes lots of patience to get a real smooth finish when coloring with gel pens (you need to use short strokes in even rows – I don’t have that kind of patience – so my results weren’t perfect.

Free printable shavuot coloring page for adults

If you want a more professional result, you can go at this with alcohol markers and use metallic paint markers for the metal bits. Or, if you’re really pro, try getting a metallic sheen using clever shading with soft core colored pencils.

Who will be coloring this Shavuot coloring page? Your or the kids? What’s your favorite way to make the holidays special? Comment below!

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Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

Love this post & message. Keep up the inspiration & ideas! Many thanks, a mom in the same storm but another country & diff boat! ♡

Menucha Citron Ceder

Wednesday 22nd of April 2020

Thanks for your kind words! <3 Stay safe, stay sane ;)