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Chanukah Party Planner – Free Printable!

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This Chanukah Party Planner was designed for the best party week of the year! It’s time to decide what sort of party you plan on hosting, from everything to the guest list, down to the party favors. Disclosure: this post contains commissioned links.


Chanukah Party Planner free printable


Whether you’re hosting one party, multiple parties or no parties at all, this Chanukah party planner will come in handy. Even if it’s just you and your family, fill out one of these to make a regular supper turn into a fun night!


While formatting this Chanukah party planner, I could not decide whether or not to include lines or blank space. Personally, I love blank space. I’m one to scribble in the margins, draw little diagrams, and preset lines are too restrictive for me. But after doing a poll in our Instagram stories, I decided to offer both versions- so when you download this free printable (below) you’ll get both options, a planner with lines and a planner with blank space, so you can choose the one that works best for you.


Chanukah Party Planner


I had a hard time choosing what to include on this Chanukah party planner- specifically regarding the party favors. I’ve never given out party favors, but I’ve definitely received them, so I chose to include it. Of course, you do you! If you don’t want to spend on party favors, considering doing a secret gift exchange and/or grab bag with your guests, so that everyone leaves with something, but not at your (additional) expense.


For the entertainment section of this Chanukah party planner, why not choose from my list of Chanukah party games and activities for a low budget, fun activity?


Decide whether you’ll be serving buffet style, or a sit-down meal. If you’ll be doing a meal, will you serve family style or individually plate each course? Consider the amount of work that will go into whichever choice you make. As Chanukah is a time that most of us still work, a party may be happening after a full day, so take that into account in your planning.


Chanukah Party Planner


Some delicious additions to your meal may include my refreshing Crunchy Snow Pea Salad, or Menucha’s healthful Spaghetti Squash Latkes.


You can download the Chanukah Party Planner below. (Donations are optional, just enter $0 as the price, but a small tip helps us run this blog and pay our hosting and other fees):





Will you be hosting any Chanukah parties this year? Or will you only be a guest? Comment below!

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