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Sefirah Chart from LEGO

Sefirah Chart from LEGO

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Make your own Sefirah chart using LEGO bricks – and get the whole family involved! What a fun take on counting the Omer! If this isn’t your jam, check out our free printable Sefirah Chart to color here. This post contains affiliate links.

Make a LEGO sefirah chart -a fantastic idea for sefirat haomer and counting the omer! This Jewish lego idea is so easy and fun!

With schools cancelled, our family thrown in turmoil, along with the rest of the world, and the kids totally lost – oh, yeah, and me feeling sick in my first trimester too – I was desperate.

Desperate to make things okay for the kids.

Desperate to rest, to take it easy.

Desperate to see a smile on their faces.

But I simply didn’t have an ounce of energy once we were done zoom schooling the big one, while distracting the miserable little one who needed social interaction.

Once I was done dry heaving and just feeling exhausted.

All this happened in April of last year, and there was no Sefirah counting being coordinated by the school (oh, the things we take for granted!)

I had extended myself past my limits making this paper seder plate, designing this do a dot Haggadah and then it hit me…

A Sefirah chart. We need to do something for Sefirat Haomer.

So we sat down with a base plate, a pile of LEGO bricks, and we all made a sefirah chart together.

It was really low key. The kids could really help. We all did it together. And it looked like a mess, but we had such a fun time doing it.

This year, I decided to recreate it so that I can share with you. I did a much neater version, of course.

However you make this LEGO sefirah chart, you can’t really go wrong!

It’s so simple, it doesn’t even merit a step-by-step.

You simply need seven rows of seven and figure it out from there:

  • Add a brick on one of your empty plates every day.
  • If you have one row filled and two from the next, it’s one week and two days.
  • Three rows filled completely and four plates from the next row is three weeks and four days.

Since you count the Omer by week, you don’t need actual numbers 1-49. Weeks are even ideal!

For this year’s neat version, We literally just figured out which shape we have a lot of that’ll fit nicely on our base plate and made a pattern. I used 2×3 plates for it, and did kind of a basket weave pattern.

For the “markers” we used clear 2×2 round bricks.

Last year, when we did it messy, we just chose any bricks we had and laid it out to form a sefirah chart. It was harder to track, but as long as you have the right amount – seven rough rows of seven, you’re good.

And finally, last year we had more fun with our day markers. We put on minfigures, cones, whatever fit!

You can also make smaller spaces between your rows and do an 8th row with day number fifty – Shavuot!

Of course, you can just use the bricks you have if you want. If you don’t have the “right” bricks and you want to make it neat here are a few ideas:

  1. Reach out to neighbors and propose a swap so you can get the bricks you need.
  2. Check out eBay and BrickLink (though BrickLink can be a bit hard to navigate).
  3. Amazon also has some specific bundles of bricks.

I hope you enjoyed making a LEGO sefirah chart! What’s your favorite way to keep track of Sefirat Ha’omer? Comment below!

And definitely check out these Book of Ruth Shavuot puppets for when you’re done counting the Omer! I’ve got puppets to go with the Mountain song too here.

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